The Management

Managing Director

Ashfaq Mahmud Khan

Ashfaq Mahmud Khan was born in 1940 in Sargodha. Though his father then was a well-respected government official but since ages Agriculture has been in pedigree of Khan’s Family. This is the basis that even today “Khan Farms” at Sargodha are considered as an exemplary Land for quality citrus growing.

Ashfaq Khan is a graduate of Sargodha College in the times of great educationist Dr Abid Ahmad Ali. In his college days he has been a member of the active Cricket Club. During the course he not only became part of the first class cricket but also turned out to be a favourite challenger of cricket team of Principal PAF College.

To begin his practical life he started his career from city of Karachi in 60es in OGDC. This was an era in Pakistan when Oil and Gas was one of the country’s focuses. Soon he was acclaimed as a dedicated professional in the Ministry and formed the part of a team working with foreign leading groups. Considering his extra ordinary skilled potential he was deputed to Ministry of Fuel Power and Natural Resources. Thereafter he was selected as private secretary to the Minister Hayat Sharpao (Late).

The immense experience gained at this stage urged Mr. Ashfaq Mahmood Khan to create a vision of his own and embark on to the challenging journey of business and commerce. A small name, National Enterprises emerged on the business scene of Pakistan in 1974. The gentleman undertook small yet enterprising jobs in Special Communication Organization (SCO), Frontier Works Organization (FWO) and Directorate of General Procurement (DGP) Army.

This was a point in time once Pak Army in general and Pakistan in specific was endeavoring hard to work on policy of Self-Reliance and Indigenous Production. National Enterprises proved as second to none and soon had become a center point for any effort to take the country ahead in achieving the goal.

Projects like developing Pakistan’s own engineering equipment and working with inspectorates of Army became a milestone for authorities to understand the commitment of gentleman.

On other end Ashfaq Mahmud Khan has been an active member for Pakistan`s oldest Chamber of Commerce and Industry for last 24 years. Due to his restless services he was elected as President of Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 1998. His delegacy for being a committed businessman was acclaimed by Government of Pakistan and he was awarded with Defense Services Promotion Trophy in year 1994 and then in 2001.The President Islamic Republic of Pakistan has bestowed him upon as ‘Businessman of the Year 2006’.