IT Branch

Like any international organization National Enterprises focuses on an efficient IT system. It may be up date of soft ware or archiving the documentation, we ensure that all processes are well harnessed. Though we hold a consolidated record of our all documentations but at the same time we keep backups of our operations. All of our correspondence is centrally monitored for its security and quality production. At the same time IT branch also ensures maintenance of all peripherals, computers, UPS, telephones. IT branch also ensures:

  • Speedy activation of internet round the clock
  • Ensuring back-up of computer work
  • Formulation of IT policies from time to time
  • Troubleshooting and security issues
  • Ensuring Quality printing on fax and print terminals
  • Ensuring recent soft ware record of customer and corporate offices
  • Training individuals for cyber issues from time to time
  • Maintenance of the web site