Before 1971 there were no facilities available in Pakistan for Aircrafts overhauling. In the absence of this facility Aircrafts were being sent to China for overhauling which took huge foreign exchange & time. Pakistan Government established PACB in Kamra under the supervision of Chinese Expert. After successful negotiation with Swedish OEM Aircraft manufacturing was started in 1975 and in 1983 Kamra produced first indigenous MFI-17(Mushak). The users of Mushak and Super Mushak are:

  • Pak Army
  • Pakistan Air Force
  • Iran
  • RSAF
  • Oman
  • Syria
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Denmark

PAC comprises of four factories which virtually take care of maintenance of all operational assets of Pakistan Air force. The complex is headed by Chairman, who is serving Air Marshal of Pakistan Air Force. The complex has multifaceted engineering capabilities which enable it to undertake following:-

  • Air craft Structure overhaul
  • Aircraft Component overhaul
  • Aircraft Engine overhaul
  • Radar & Avionics maintenance overhaul.

Today PAC has technologically advanced to design and manufacture of multi-role JF-17 Thunder Fighter Aircraft and also has the capability to support high tech defense and civil aviation systems.

PAC with National Enterprises

National Enterprises is representing defense manufacturing industries from last 30 years, all over the world. It is our pride that PAC issued representation to NE as the representative and spokes company in the matters of business related to;

  •  Mushak Aircraft, Spares and Services
  •  Super Mushak Aircraft, Spares & Services
  •  T-56-15 LFE Engine.
  •  54H60 propeller Assembly inspection/repair & overhaul

Below are only few projects which were completed by NE

  •  T-56 LFE Engine overhaul facility
  •  Established Repair/overhaul facility of C-13 A/C
  •  F-6 related several contracts.