Anglique Montessori


Change , changes Everything!!

We welcome you to a project of National Enterprises – Angelique Montessori. Our latest activities are posted daily on The aim of bringing the pioneer private school to Bhara Kahu is simple. Why go to pre school in Islamabad ?once we can come to your door step? Madame Nosheen Khan, trained through international & national pre school institutions have taken up this noble cause to create a pre school close to Maria Montessori philosophy and methodology at Bhara Kahu. We believe that Language being an important tool is a gift on which most of our school does not focus. School conversation language as only to be English and at the same time we develop love for our National Language of Urdu.

How do we work ?    Each child is a gift of nature and is unique in his own way. Often schools do not provide ample opportunities to the students “to be creative” . If we impose our choices on the children, it will certainly block their Creative Skills and will hinder their Learning Abilities and Thought Process. Angelique school truly recognizes our children’s ability to be Imaginative & Innovative. In our school, each child’s Creative Efforts are greatly supported and appreciated by our teachers.

THE CLASSROOM     Angelique classrooms provide an Atmosphere that Encourage children to Explore and Discover Meaningful activities for themselves. It allows child to Learn to interact with others in a Natural, Respectful and Peaceful Manner.

The classrooms are arranged to create Rich educational experience. Children learn in a manner that builds strong ties of cooperation and develops their social skills. They are encouraged to work in order to stimulate their power of concentration and thinking abilities. The motivating classroom environment is prepared to cater the intellectual and physical needs of the child. It is a Prepared Environment, which is especially designed by keeping in mind the Individual Needs and Aspirations of the young minds.

PREPARED ENVIRONMENT   Prepared Environment is based upon these essential factors:

  • Practical life
  • Sensorial area
  • Mathematics
  • Language Development
  • Science Activities
  • Arts & Music Activities

TEACHER’S TRAINING :   Role of a Angelique teacher is not only to guide the child and introduce the learning materials but also to enhance the inborn blessed talents of a child . They know the art of observing the child in a way so that they must positively assist in child’s growth and development . Key words for Angelique Teachers remains as ” Responsibility, Compassion, Caring attitude, Honesty, Justice, Fairness, Hard Work, Politeness, Sharing, Courtesy, Kindness, Patience, Role Modeling, Awareness, Flexibility and Humility ”

  • Our Staff take responsibility for identifying and meeting their training needs. All staff has job description which details the following expectations:
  •   To give priority for the health and welfare of the children.
  •   To cope with any situation in a quiet and calm manner.
  •    To be involved with the children at all times without favoritism.
  •    Policy of ‘No Smoking’ and no use of mobile phones for personal reasons during working hours.
  •   To recognize the importance of confidentiality.
  •   To be involved in all areas of the Pre- School curriculum and training activities. 

The greatest sign of success for a teacher is to be able to say: “The children are now working as if I did not exist.”  Dr. Maria Montessori, (1870-1952)

Key for Montessori

  • Atmosphere
  • Encourage
  • Discover
  • Learn at own pace
  • Independent
  • Confidence
  • Satisfaction for accomplishment
  • Learn to be patient and wait
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Sense of achievement