R & E Branch

Our customer is extremely imperative to us and we at all times are committed to make our services even better than before. This can only be possible if we have in depth study of market and trends. National Enterprises maintains a data bank of all its operations. This ensures to provide quality productivity to our patrons. Our operations have always been dynamic. We strive that we must review our daily working to assess our each correspondence. The data bank helps to increase our output with different competitors to win the business. We ensure to update our knowledge through varied sources, such as Aviation Industry, our competitors, corporate office and with latest studies.

R & E branch also looks after the issues pertaining to price structures of OEMs, RFQ Vs Quotes, relationship building between clients and principals. They say defeat is a success if you learn out of it. Our crush has been reason for our victory. Data are carefully analyzed on monthly basis to assume the market situations. We also make sure that at the end of the day our customer is satisfied.