Army Division

Pakistan Army has the reputation of being a powerful, experienced and professional force. Pakistan Army with an active force of 619,000 personnel and 528,000 personnel in reserve makes Pakistan the seventh largest military force in the world. Pakistan Army recently attained the title of being the largest active force in the peacekeeping efforts by the United Nations.

National Enterprises has the honor to hold three decade relation with Pakistan Army. Starting from the support to Signal Corps, Infantry, Armored Engineering FWO and Special Communication Organization, several projects have been successfully completed. Weapon and Equipment directorate has been working like hand and gloves while induction of their Main Battle tank. National Enterprises has specialized in design and development towards Fire Extinguisher Ladders for Pakistan Army. Pakistan Army\’s requirement for Soil Assessment Cone Pentameter was fulfilled in 1985. Army has also been provided the REM Jammers. We have already worked W & E directorate and flown a team of Senior Officer including Chief of General Staff to Mohave Deserts for test and trial of Pilot Less Aircraft in collaboration with M/s DSI /McDonald Douglas. National Enterprises has been a part of short listed firms for night vision goggles / Helmets to Infantry Directorate.

Army Division of National Enterprises has executed following projects.

  • T-72, M-84 Tanks in collaboration of Yugoslavia during 1992
  •  Multipurpose Guns Re-sight (MUG) with McDonald Douglas USA
  •  Cartridge of Life Jackets
  •  Bullet Proof Jackets in collaboration of Techno World UK
  •  Long Range Ammunition 125, 150 and 155mm APFSDS
  •  Berretta Weapons Italy
  •  Skid Mounted Air Compressor UK
  •  Flexible Drive Shaft Pneumatic Pumps Elliott Manufacturing  Company USA
  •  Fire Simulator & Fire Control System
  •  Floating Crane, Fire Fighting Ship, Patrol Vessel, SDPR  Yugoslavia
  •  Intruder Radar (IR-III)
  •  Radar Jamming Station (ROMS)
  •  Vessel Navigation System
  •  Automatic Grenade Launcher (AGL-7)
  •  Artillery Fire Simulator
  •  Radar Jamming System
  •  Tank Barrels
  •  NVC Masks, NVC Collective Filtration System M/s Irvin Aerospace, Italy
  •  Up-gradation of Fire Control System in T-59, T55 Tanks
  •  Radio Sets (ARC-186)
  •  Hydraulic Press Automatic, Inter Export International Ltd
  •  Heavy Bearings SKF France
  •  Radio Device