Naval Division

Naval Division operates under the flag of National Enterprises and caters the significant area of Naval aviation.

T 56 – 14 engines of P-3C Orion “Airborne Destroyer” which is a product of Rolls Royce is our strength. Being OEM we have already assisted in establishment and attainment of Authorized Military Overhaul Facility at Kamra. Our capability to support P3 in specific and Pakistan Naval Aviation Branch in general is our specialty. We ensure that Navy receives their spare and repair support as per our mission “On time with quality offering optimum cost”

Considering Pakistan’s geo-political situation Pakistan Navy has been focusing on strengthening all its dimensions including the aviation wing. Pakistan Naval, Air and Arm has taken remarkable steps forward towards strengthening and this important dimension of Pakistan Navy. By undertaking the task, Naval Division has been able to develop ironclad relations with Rolls Royce and Aviall to cater the depot level activity and have acquired support capability for future maintenance of P3C.

P 3 Aircrafts and Pak Navy

P3 aircrafts were flown to Pakistan in 1997. During 1999, 28 Maritime Strike Squadron actively participated in fleet operations. P-3C Orion is a four engine, highly maneuverable, all weather aircraft. It was primarily designed for reconnaissance, anti-submarine and anti-surface vessel operations. It is one of the fastest turbo prop aircrafts and widely used in Long Range Maritime Patrol (LRMP) in the world. The aircraft is 116 ft. long with a maximum speed of 410 kts. By virtue of its extraordinary weapon carrying capability its distinguished features are :

  • Long endurance
  • Multiple role capability
  • Variety of integrated sensors

Capacity to carry a wide array of anti-surface and subsurface weapons like harpoon, torpedoes, depth charges, mines and rockets