Airforce Division

National Enterprises stared its operations with Pakistan Army but with passage of time the Aviation branch extended and today we have the biggest presence in Pakistan Air Force . Thumb rule has been ” Customer First. Pakistan Air Force (PAF)  ” is the Aviation branch of the Pakistan armed forces and is responsible for defending Pakistani air-space . National Enterprises is affiliated with Pakistan Air Force for over two decades. Today we operate on all aircrafts of American origin and also has the honor of supporting JF 17 project. We equally support on C 130, F 16s, CN 235, Engine of K-8 i.e TFE 731 and J 69. We also expertise in repair and overhauls.National Enterprises feels proud to be associated to one of the best Air Forces of world. Present scenario has required and enabled the Air Force to come up with an up-to-date Mission Statement, which Air Force Division supports all the time.

Air Force Division Projects

  • JF-17 Fleet up-gradation with Saft Batteries.
  • C-130 A/C APU up-gradation.
  • Facilitation in MPI/CZI accomplishment on TFE731-2A-2A Engines of K-8 A/C.
  • Establishment of Rolls Royce T-56 Engine overhaul facility (AMOF).
  • Establishment of C-130 A/C Propeller Model 54H60 repair/overhaul facility.
  • Establishment of PDM (Programmed Depot Maintenance) of C-130 A/C.