Khan Farms

KHAN FARMS      Pakistan as a nation produces about 8% of the world’s citrus fruits but sells out only 0.5% of its harvest abroad. These fruits are grown nearly in all the four provinces in varying proportions. But then the product is concentrated in Punjab which grows 95 per cent of the national output. And it is the Sargodha, business which alone accounts for 70% of the provincial production.

Sargodha and surrounding area is one of the richest fertile lands in Pakistan. The Area is a big market for agriculture of Pakistan but specializes in Citrus Fruit. Once it comes to organize Citrus growing Khan Farms headed by Ishtiaq Khan are considered as top of the line fruit growing Farms. Though these farms produce a good yield of Wheat, vegetables, variety of fruits but Citrus takes a lead being specialty of the soil.

We would like to share some features of Khan Farms. Best seed / stamp are the basic requirement for a fresh, fully grown tree. Khan Farms today holds few of the most beautiful trees in the area. The specialty of Khan Farms Fruit is:-

  • Thin skinned,
  • Full of juice
  • Seed less
  • Rich in color
  • Fully fragrance fruits are the icons of Khan Farms.

Many of the leading citrus export companies today choose Khan Farms as their first choice. Taking a lead this year even CSD also ordered the biggest numbers from Khan Farms. Custom made boxes with washed, waxed, preserved are available through our marketing team. If Sargodha area is called as California of Pakistan it will not be wrong. The popular varieties grown in Khan Farms include

  • Kinow
  • Red Blood
  • Mausami
  • Ruby Red
  • Jaffa
  • Fruiter
  • Malta
  • Shikri

The season of availability starts from mid-October and extends normally up to March with the peak occurring in mid January. The advent and use of controlled atmosphere cold storage have made it possible to sell citrus fruit as late as April extending the market season considerably in fresh condition. In Pakistan and at Khan Farm the kinnow is grown under totally natural conditions to enhance the original flavor of the fruit and to preserve its fundamental goodness.

Khan Farm Standard Packing size: 6Kg, 8Kg, 10Kg, 13Kg Wooden Crates & Printed Corrugated Box.

Quantity in a Box: 36, 42, 48, 54, 60, 66, 72, 80, 90 & 100 pieces. Number of Pieces is provided as per buyers demand.

Citrus Standard sizes: Size Diameter (mm)

  • 72 64-66
  • 66 70-72
  • 60 75-77
  • 54 80-82
  • 48 85-87
  • 42 90-92
  • 36 95-97

Attributes:  Khan Farm’s Kinows now which is our specialty has the following features, which differentiates it from other Citrus varieties.

Easy Peel:  Khan Farm’s rind containing numerous oil glands comes off easily with bare hands since it is loosely bound compared to other types of citrus fruit. Therefore, our kinnows can be just peeled off and enjoyed anywhere, anytime.

High Juice Content and Rich Flavor: Kinnow consist of several easily separated sections and high juice content. Its full-bodied flavour and its juice content combine to make a most satisfying and healthy fruit.

Use of Pulp: Use the pulp to make delicious desserts, jams and sauces.
Skin: The skin can be used to make cosmetics and essence.

Vitamin C: One kinnow provides sufficient Vitamin C to fulfil your need for a day. It is the ideal health choice.