Goodrich is now part of United Technologies. In 2012, UTC Aerospace Systems was formed by combining two industry leaders, Hamilton Sundstrand and Goodrich, creating an organization with key positions on a wide range of aircraft flying today and substantial content on various UAVs, satellites and ground and naval vehicles.

Helicopter Capabilities

Goodrich provides systems, products and services for helicopters with commercial, industrial and military applications. Goodrich’s helicopter capabilities are amongst the most innovative in our portfolio.

Goodrich’s advanced systems for vehicle health management, engine and flight controls, anti-collision lighting, and dual rescue hoist installations are taking the latest helicopter programs to new heights. Expanded MRO networks provide reduced turnaround times and streamlined logistics. Our crew escape technologies for tactical helicopters are setting new standards for flight crew safety.
Take the NH Industries NH90 helicopter and the fact that it is flying in full fly-by-wire mode with Goodrich main rotor actuators onboard. The NH90 was the first industrial rotorcraft to be equipped with a fly-by-wire flight control system. Or take our reliable rescue hoist installations that have been part of courageous rescue efforts across the world.
Continued balanced growth in this marketing is projected through Goodrich involvement in other programs such as those involving next generation DC power systems and small engine controls. And we remain focused on securing future awards on major new programs.

Large Commercial Capabilities

Goodrich is a key supplier to the commercial/civil markets winning many new awards on the latest programs which continue to add balanced growth to our business portfolio. Goodrich has been a civil aviation supplier since 1909, debuting with special, light weight aeroplane tires for Glenn Curtiss at the Paris Air Races.

At Goodrich our focus is to provide systems, products and services that make aircraft more efficient to operate and easier to maintain. Take our electro-hydraulic actuation on the Airbus A380 or our new electric braking system on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Or consider our certified LED strobe and navigation lighting on the A380. They boast improved product life at reduced power consumption.
Innovations continue in this market with our Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) technology and its improved safety features. And our Smart Probe™ Air Data System on the Airbus A380 helps lower manufacturing and operator maintenance costs.

Defense & Space

Goodrich is a global supplier of systems and services to the defense, homeland security and aerospace markets. Our products range from landing gear and ejection seats to surveillance and reconnaissance systems, with even more new innovations on the horizon.
Goodrich’s purpose is to provide systems and sub-systems that transform the way armed forces accomplish their mission. Our systems and products focus on the end user and are found on a myriad of air, ground and naval platforms. Leading defense primes seek out our systems integration capability.

Goodrich’s presence in the military/defense and homeland security markets has continued to expand throughout the last five years. We’re a company which takes on tough challenges such as reducing weight, increasing strength, and increasing tolerance to extreme temperatures for military aircraft systems and components.

Goodrich’s strength as a military and defense supplier has further been emphasized through our work as the F-35 Lighting II landing systems integrator. We also have capability in the formation lighting sector where our products feature a very thin design and a long lifetime without maintenance. And we’re a leader in the ejection seat product category – our Aces II ejection seat is the most widely used ejection seat in production today.
Our cutting-edge sensor technologies provide superior performance in extremely low light conditions and are expected to create opportunities for additional growth in new and emerging markets.

Engine Capabilities

Goodrich is a leading supplier of systems and components for gas turbine engines that have applications in the commercial/civil, regional/business, military helicopter as well as industrial markets.

Goodrich is a leading supplier of systems and components for gas turbine engines that have applications in the commercial/civil, regional/business, military helicopter as well as industrial markets. A notable achievement is our integrated approach in engine system technology. Be it on engines for the Airbus A380 (Rolls-Royce Trent 900 and the Engine Alliance GP7200) or for the 787 Dreamliner (GE Aircraft engines GEnx and the Rolls-Royce Trent 1000), we’re busy providing engine systems to help airlines and operators achieve the weight savings, improved performance and increased reliability required to survive in today’s challenging marketplace.
We’re also focused on developing environmentally friendly products. Our Engine Control Systems, Sensor Systems, and Engine Components business along with our Advanced Sensors Technical Center are working together to develop a fuel system that will dramatically transform gas turbine control and combustion. Plus our development of lighter and more acoustically designed nacelle systems is aiding in noise-reduction efforts for both the passenger in the cabin and the resident who lives near an airport.

At Goodrich, our focus is on leveraging the benefits of our diverse technologies and capabilities into higher-level systems to meet our customers’ needs on future aerospace and defense engine platforms. All while supporting existing products and systems through our aftermarket, overhaul and spares network worldwide.